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About Me

Passion by Hardeep

The passion for painting started about 16 years ago and have enjoyed and experimented with different paints and mediums ever since. I love painting modern contemporary paintings on canvas which allow me to experiment with wild colours, gels and stencils in any way I wish. Mostly, I use large canvases hand stretched by myself and the frames which I make also. Quality is at the forefront of my mind not quantity. Each piece of artwork is unique. It’s all about pure passion!

My normal working day in my Art Studio is from 10.00 am to whenever i feel like it. However, this often varies as painting is very addictive and the hours just fly by as I get lost in the magic of painting. My afternoons are for relaxing and sketching and meeting with clients who love coming to my studio.

I feel that paintings can truly open your mind and light up your life. Viewing abstract and modern paintings can put you at ease or start the mind racing. Each painting has a different meaning to each person. This is the beauty and fun of painting, I feel that when i my soul and you look at these abstract paintings they shoud make you think about your innerself and life it self and what its about.

I have many happy clients around the world who now own a piece of my artwork, each created with true passion.

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