Many layers on this new canvas

front view of the painting

Its a new year and i have had a chance to start a new canvas, i think everybody slows down in the winter months so i decided i need to paint a new jazzy canvas with colour and almost a musical rhythm about it. the canvas i am working on measures 40″ X 30″ and has a depth of 1.5″. i have realised that this canvas is going to have at least five layers of paint with use of acrylics and other mediums like markers, pencils and anything else that i need to make the canvas look good and create a work of art that will look fantastic on the buyers wall.

Painting and creating takes a long time because the artist is never satisfied until the painting is ready for hanging and it could mean finishing a artwork and at the last moment you convince yourself that its not right so you go over it completely.

It means layers of paint until you are hundred percent happy, so far its been about 2 weeks in to the painting and i think now its ready.



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